3D Animation (Blender)

Event Date:

December 22, 2020

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12:00 am

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Stay Home , Stay Safe

In this 30 days Boot camp, Start learning the basics to Advance level of 3D Animation. This class does not cover boring technical stuff, but rather practical examples and real situations. By the end of the class, you’ll have a complete fundamental understanding of 3D Animation in Blender and will be able to create your own stunning 3D Environment in your videos.


    1. Introduction
    2. Basic Key Commands
  • Chapter 1- The Blender Interface
    1. Viewport (Window) Types
    2. The User Preferences Window
    3. Open, Saving and Appending Files
    4. Packing Data
    5. Importing Objects (from other file formats)
  • Chapter 2- Working with Viewports (windows)
    1. Moving Around in 3D Space
    2. Window and Button Control
    3. Creating Viewports
  •  Chapter 3- Setting Up a World
    1. Using Color, Mist and Textures
    2. Using an Image in the Background
  • Chapter 4 – Creating and Editing Objects
    1. Working with Basic Meshes
    2. Using Main Modifiers to Manipulate Meshes
    3. Edit Mode- Mesh Editing
    4. The Tool Shelf
    5. Proportional Editing
    6. Joining/Separating Meshes, Boolean Operations
  • Chapter 5 – Modifiers
    1. Basic Overlook on Modifiers.
    2. Types of modifiers and Uses.
  • Chapter 6 – UV Texture Mapping
    1. Using Basic Mapping
    2. GLSL Shading
  • Chapter 7 – Materials and Textures
    1. Basic Material Settings
    2. Basic Texture Settings
    3. Using Images and Movies as Textures
    4. Displacement Mapping
    5. Materials and Textures in Cycles
  • Chapter 8 – Lighting and Cameras
    1. Camera Settings and Options
    2. Lighting Types and Settings
    3. Indirect Lighting
  • Chapter 9 – Render Settings
    1. Basic overlook of the EEVEE and Cycles
    2. Basic Setup Options
    3. Rendering Movies and Images
    4. Network Rendering.
  • Chapter 10 – Child-Parent Relationships
    1. Using Child-Parented Objects
    2. Adjusting Object Centres (pivot points).
  • Chapter 11- Animation Basics
    1. Basic Key-framing and Auto Key-framing
    2. Working with the Graph Editor and Dope Sheet
    3. Animating Materials, Lamps and World Settings (and more)
  • Chapter 12- Object Physics
    1. Creating Fabric and Fluid Effects with Interactions
    2.  Realistic Object Interactions in Real-Time and Animations
  • Chapter 13 – Particles
    1. Working with particles.
    2. Realistic Interactions.
Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners who don’t have any basic idea in 3D Animation  and would like to learn Blender.
  • Exclusively for Movie Makers, You Tubers and Cinematic Content Creators.

Learning Outcome:

  • You will be able to make your own custom 3D Animation project.
  • Stand along 3D Animation Environment  creation.


  • E-Certificates will be provided for all participants.
  • Flat 50% Discount for coming up “Start your YouTube channel – Step by Step Tutorial in Tamil” and “Stream your Game Live in Social Media” courses.
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Event F.A.Q

Do I get certificate for participating for this class?

Yes, We will provide E-Certificate at the end of this class.

Shall I pay through google pay?

Yes, you can pay us through google pay.Our payment gateway support all types of payment.For more assist call +91-9751806681 or mail info@justrise.in.

Is it possible to access the class after the boot-camp?

Yes, we will share the live class recording after the class.

Will this class support to get a job in Multimedia?

Ya sure. having more understanding from scratch will help you to develop constantly. This progress which helps you whether this field will support you or not.

Is it possible to go through the class again?

Yes, We provide access to our online portal.Where you can go through the lessons again after the classes.

Event Location:

Total Seat: 40
  • Stay Home
  • Stay Safe
  • Tamil Nadu

Event Schedule Details

  • December 22, 2020
    12:00 am - July 30, 2020 - 12:00 am
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